New to this Forum. Just been told I have arthritis in Both my knees

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Hi . My name is Dasha I was a Care Assistant years ago. worked in many care homes & Age Concern Over the years, and a bit of Community care. At the time I never even thought about Arthritis My dad's mum had it in her Knees as she used to do early morning cleaning in offices. I have suspected that is what I had for about the last 2 years if not longer and I was right.

I have it in both Knees Left knee is worse then the right. at times the Left knee has given out on me.

I get a pins and needles sensation in my legs but it feels like the pins and needles is INSIDE the leg. what is this ? Iv told Drs and professionals about this and got vague answers as to what it is. Just 2 days ago I went to Drs again just to see if I could see someone about an xray as drs did say about having one, haden't heard nothing and was told then I should go to the hospital and ask. anyway I was so surprised expecting like a 2 week wait. I went and had an X ray about 40 minutes later. just got to wait till next week for the results. Been told its all the years as a Care Assistant that has given me Arthritis .

I am 47 years old.


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    Hello @Dasha_Karu and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have arthritis in your knees and waiting for confirmation following your x-rays. It was good that you managed to get them. Have a look through the following from our website as hopefully will give you a bit more info about it.


    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and hopefully once you have your diagnosis you can get treatment.

    With best wishes,

    Peter (moderator)

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    X Rays How long did they take to come back for people? As Yet Iv still no Xrays come back to the dr's I called the Drs this week and the xrays are still at the hospital. and I cant get another drs appointment until August!

    any advice would be great thankyou.

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    Hello. I have OA is both knees too. My results took 3 week to come back. Although had to push hard to even get an X-ray.

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    Hi Susie,

    Thankyou for replaying to me. This week My Xrays have just come back to my Dr's. I was looking at over a months wait to even be seen by a DR. But I want those results. so this week I went back in and said Iv now been told Iv got OA in both knees. They have moved my DR'S appointment about 3 weeks earlier then it was planned for.

    Regarding my Xray.... I didn't have a problem getting seen for one. I went into the Hospital that is next to my Dr's building. I was told If I was prepaired to wait about 40 minutes I could get an Xray, I stayed at the hospital when I was told that as I know how hard it is to get into things like that nowadays.

    Iv been told its all my years as a Care Assistant that has done the damage and caused the OA.