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I discovered this forum when I saw a promotional video while scrolling online about a joint supplement product called Active8.

It seemed too good to be true so I googled the author on the piece and sure enough the claims appeared to be exaggerated but in the course of searching, I came across Versus Arthritis and decided to register.

I have had Osteoarthritis for almost a decade which steadiky worsened and led to early retirement. I started to have trouble walking and found I needed to stop after too short a time. The pain had started in my left hip and less so in my left knee. As it progressed, the knee pain worsened and began to be joined by pain in the joints of my right leg. After diagnosis involving x rays, my GP referred me to a physio and prescribed co-codamol. The physio gave me exercises but I couldn't do them because it was too painful. A work colleague suggested I saw a specialist through my company's health insurance, which I did. He gave me an mri and confirmed worsening of cartilage in all my leg joints and gave me an arthoscopy on my left knee, with a suggestion of further procedures in months to come on my other joints but the pain in my left knee was made worse by the surgery. By this time I was on Tramadol and other painkillers, I did not pursue that. By this time the pain had got so bad I could hardly walk and had to give up working which put an end to the private healthcare. I investigated replacement joints but apparently don't fit the criteria, even though I now walk with a stick and hardly any distance.

I would be interested if anyone else has encountered the Active8 product.

The author claims to be a GP and has an impressive linked-in profile and a string of letters after his name, but no PhD or MD and as the linked in profiles are self written, no reason to believe them. I couldn't find any debunking site which identifies him as a clear scammer though.

The ingredients of the product includes all the ones you'd expect but the claims of efficacy are miraculous and with the usual high pressure sales tricks; must buy now, only available direct from him, only by clicking the link on the video, stocks are low so price available for a short time, discount if you buy immediately, buy a bulk pack for huge discounts, etc., etc. I'm sure you're all familiar with the patter. leaving still a very large discounted price.

I found something which at first glance appeared to be a comparison site with one including a cheaper product with the same ingredients but this site is also fake. Displays 5 products, 4 of which are reviewed as weaker and only one product is clearly any good, a clear indication that it's not really an independent review site. They must think we're all stupid to fall for such obvious trickery.

The clincher for me was a claim that cartilage can be restored which I know is not true and if he was really a clinician he would know that.

Has anyone found a supplement that really does help and is worth buying?


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    Hello @Philipwain3 and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have osteoarthritis and thinking of trying Activ8. The following discussion might be of some interest.

    as with all complimentary medicines what works for some doesn't for others so the choice is yours. If it worked for everyone then doctors would be prescribing it. Have a look at the following from our website.

    and also has some useful info.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are progressing.

    With best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

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    Hi @Philipwain3,

    I'd just like to extend a warm welcome to you as well, hope you enjoy your time here.

    @noddingtonpete has provided a couple of useful links which are worth reading up on - I'm a bit of a supplements junkie it must be said and since my diagnosis (severe bone on bone OA in both knees requiring a double TKR), a little over a year ago I've made it an obsession of mine to research them in order to put together a pain management plan which works for me.

    First of all, about Activ8. The link Peter provided included my own take on it - expensive for what it is and I think misleading. You're right - cartilage can't regrow as it doesn't have it's own blood supply. Nonetheless, I gave it a go and found my symptoms worsened (sharp stabbing pain in the joint, hot and throbbing legs, hamstring pings and frequent locking). I traced this back to the Glucosamine/Chondroitin and reading about clinical trials in the US, this was known to have affected others too.

    You've asked what supplement works and is worth trying? Well, I can only speak for myself but I take and do all of these:

    1: Anti-Inflammatories

    Bromelain capsules, Turmeric/Capsicum capsules, Boswelia capsules, Naproxen (prescribed by my GP)

    Dark green leafy veg and Omega-3 rich foodstuffs like Salmon and Eggs

    2: Painkillers

    Co-Codemol, CBD capsules, Olives (which contain a substance with properties very similar to Ibuprofen), even the oil has it in

    3: Gels and creams etc

    FlexiSeq (brilliant to reduce grinding/crunching but bloody expensive at £20 a tube unless bought online at iPharm and there's 2 strengths), Hemp Gel, Red Tiger Balm. I would say Capsaicin cream but that is in very short supply and needs to be GP prescribed but I liked it when I could still get it!)

    4: Other stuff

    Elasticated knee supports, a deep tissue massaging gun to soothe tissues, tendons and help with stiffness, Acupuncture (I went weekly for 2 months and am down to 1 treatment per month now), a TENS machine (the effects can last for several hours but it depends on the individual)

    It's a lot I know but I take/do all of the above and at 56 am leading a very active life.

    All I'll say is it's trial and error because everyone's Arthritis is different and what works for me may not for you (and vice versa).

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    Hi, has anyone got experience of arnica?