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Had to take yesterday off work due to pain. Off today too. There is nobody to cover my work so customers are just put on hold until I get back. I work in the wheelchair industry repairing them, so customers are now stuck until I have less pain. I feel so guilty for not being able to get into work. But the thought of sitting in a van for 4 hours plus (repairs are carried out at clients homes) fills me with dread. I can't even get out of bed at the moment. Do others get this too? What jobs do ithers here do? I've always had physical jobs, I was a car mechanic for 20plus years. I'm now thinking I should try something else.


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    @GarethJ , It's good (especially as a sometime wheelchair user) to know that you are so conscientious BUT you have your own genuine health problems too. Never feel guilty about what you can't do. It's not your fault and you didn't ask for this.

    For your own sake I think it might be a good idea to check out other work you could do that's less deleterious to your own health but do ditch the guilt. If we have to wait for repairs then so be it. It happens with everything else - even repairs to hips and knees😉

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    @stickywicket appreciate you taking the time to answer. You are, of course, right. If only it were that simple!

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    I understand the guilt thing. I live with my family and babysit my young grandchildren on a regular basis. As my mobility decreases, the less activity I can do with them and yes, I feel guilty on a daily basis..Jan x

  • Yes mate I have similar issues and similar thoughts...but I've just started thinking it's out of my hands until i get it sorted. I to have thought of trying other things but the easier jobs don't always pay so its a tough one

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    @JonnyBravo, yeah that's what I'm starting to find. Anything easy is poor pay. Dr's have just doubled my meds so we'll see how that goes.