Locked knee for 6 weeks

Have been reading the posts on here and it seems like a locked knee doesn't stay locked for weeks. I fell, landed on my right knee, 6 weeks ago and it's stayed locked ever since.

Had X-ray no breaks but MRI has shown severe osteoarthritis in the back of the knee, am on crutches. Specialist has said this is why my knee has remained locked.

Had a steriod injection yesterday, still unable to move knee. Due to see Physio in 10 days time.

So has anyone else had a locked knee, following a fall, for such a long time. Any tips for getting it unlocked?


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    Welcome @DebbieAC Thank you for joining the Online Community. Great to have you here. We are a friendly bunch and hope that you will continue to post here.

    So sorry to hear about your fall and landing on your right knee 6 weeks ago and how it has stayed locked since. Sounds painful. As the MRI has shown severe osteoarthritis, it may be worth asking your GP for a referral to speak to an orthopaedic specialist, so they can advise what best course may be for you in the future.

    Glad you are going to see a physio soon, as they will look at some exercises which will hopefully help to relieve any pain and stiffness. Steroid injections can sometimes take a while to start to work. The physio should also try to help you with movements to assist with the locked knee.

    You may also wish to ask your GP to prescribe you capsaicin cream, which if used regularly, can be a well-tolerated pain reliever for osteoarthritis in the knee.

    Hopefully these links will help as well

    Please do keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @DebbieAC, that really sounds horrendous.

    I've severe OA in both knees and found a deep tissue massaging gun quite effective at soothing hamstrings, muscles and tendons behind the knee which made it easier to move. These can be bought online from Amazon, lots to choose from at different prices. For me, it helped with locks too as well as preventing them.

    Next, I do a specific exercise to help stretch my tendons gently. Lie on a bed with your leg out in front of you, then begin to point your toes back at yourself before raising your leg off the bed. Another one is more of a hamstring stretch which is to stand up straight, then stick your leg out in front of you with your heel on top of a chair. Begin to lean in towards it. This one is probably a bit too advanced for you at this stage by the sounds of it but it's part of my daily routine to keep myself mobile.

    Heated wheatbags can be very effective on tendons and muscles, so perhaps apply some heat before undertaking any of the above if you're brave enough!

    Hope some of these might help but I'm inclined to recommend a call with your GP, you may need a local applied so your leg can be straightened without pain because 6 weeks is a really long time to have a lock.