Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooter 

I just wanted to say how my mobility scooter has helped me so much.   I was so determined not to get one, I wanted to cope on my own. I got to the stage where I only went very short distances from my home, because the pain in my back became unbearable. I swallowed my pride and I’m so glad I did. I still walk short distances and exercise as my physiotherapist showed me, but it’s great to be able to go longer distances and in and out of the stores. It has really given me my independence back….I hope this helps anyone considering investing in a mobility scooter…Jan xxx


  • Baloo
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    @Jan1955 I can see how much a mobility scooter would help. For comfort now, after a short walk I need to make sure I can sit down to recover, or I won't make it back home without a struggle against the stiffness. Yesterday it rained while I was out, so I stopped at the local for a beer until it blew over, and then walked back. Ability to do the whole trip in one go is gradually coming off the agenda.

  • Jan1955
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    I am exactly the same. My limitations are becoming more and more, which is why I have the scooter. Thank you for your comment x