I suffer from Arthritis in my spine however recently been having joint pains in my right knee, shoulder and now hip. All my right side. I haven’t been to see my GP yet however could this be the start of it now in all these other areas! Has anyone else got or had the same. It’s very painful and is worse after sitting then getting up.



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    Hi @Shelley1221

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    You write that you have Arthritis in the spine but recently you have experienced joint pains in right knee and shoulder all on your right side,it is very painful and worse after sitting and getting up.

    Getting it checked out with your GP might be a good idea as going through the surgery xrays can be booked.

    Meanwhile here is a link that may help.

    Hope this helps.Please keep in touch and tell us how you get on and do go onto our forums to chat to others who are very willing to help

    All the best Christine

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    Might it be that you have an antalgic gait (walk wonky!) due to the pain in your back? This can definitely happen to some people and it puts pressure on their other joints.

    Are you using a walking aid on one side only?

    Maybe you are sleeping oddly too??

    Just a thought given it's all on one side. The same side.

    Let us know what the Dr says if you go to see him/her.

    Take care

    Toni x