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Did anyone else go into complete shock? The Dr suggested it was osteoarthritis of the knee, it had been sore, then it really took hold badly and swelled up and down my leg! Leaving me weak and trying to find ways to help my muscles, going slowly and carefully. Its taken approximately 6 weeks to feel anything like normal. But in the back of my head Im quite scared. I wonder if all of this is quite normal. Thank you for reading.


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    Hello @TwoBears and welcome to the online community,

    You are certainly not alone in feeling shock when you were diagnosed with osteoarthritis. It's a feeling common to all of us in the community and it can take a while to put it all into perspective. You're among friends here though, so please ask any questions you may have, or let us know how you're feeling - there will always be someone ready to give support and advice.

    Below is the story from one of our members who felt as you do, and how she has come to terms with her diagnosis:

    It's always good to learn as much as you can about your condition. Below is a link to a useful page specially for people who have been recently diagnosed. As well as information on treatment and medication, there's a good section on how you can manage your condition:

    Do have a look round the forum, and join in any conversations where you feel comfortable.

    Anna (Moderator)

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    It has taken me too long to find my way back but I appreciate the information that I have received today. I will take a look at this Anna and appreciate you guiding me in the right direction. One of the symptoms is feeling down and trying to keep this in perspective, which hopefully I am doing, some good and some not so good days, which I am presuming is normal. Again thank you, and I look forward to my reading. 🙂