Struggling in work & Mentally.

I'm a Dangerous goods driver for a living, 40 years of age and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis at 30 years of age! I've served in the military and wondered initially if that had any bearing on how I came to get it so young?..

I'm really struggling with work and have found myself job hopping because of the pain in work; and at the same time trying to avoid limping so co workers do not notice my condition. I've always been a fit,healthy strong guy (still am) but this has sucked the motivation out of me lately...I've recently been to see my consultant in Bristol and am now on the list for a left hip replacement next year -early next year he tells me (we'll see) I just don't think I can manage within my job anymore, I earn a good wage but I may have to take a step back until this is sorted and look at benefits to get by, I've no idea what I'll be entitled to, I have a nice flat on the housing association for ex Vets so I know I'll atleast get universal credit to cover that but I'll not get anywhere near what I'm earning now! It's a worry but the pain is frustrating me and my mood in work at times isn't great because of it...I don't know what to do, I've only been in my new job 2 weeks, but this has been a bad pattern this year because of the pain there.


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    Hello @JonnyBravo and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have osteoarthritis and looking to have a hip replacement next year, and that you are looking at options around work. Have a look at the following from our website to see if it helps.


    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I am sure others will share their support and experiences with you.

    With very best wishes,

    Peter (moderator)

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  • Hi Jonnybravo, I can only imagine how painful it must be to drive a truck with osteoarthritis and completely understand when you say that you try and cover it up. I did the same in my job, feeling as if I would be considered less able to do the work, so I also plodded on, working out how I could get out of walking up stairs, attending meetings and anything that caused me more pain. The absence review meetings were often and I would apologise and tell them I would improve my attendance, only to fail, which made me tough on myself for being this way.

    One day I decided that I was taking no more of this and I collected all my hospital appointment letters and put them in a file which I gave them in the next meeting, telling them that I had arthritis and that whilst I wanted to do the best job I could, this disease was unpredictable and I would need to take time off sometimes. They listened and together we made a plan for me to adjust some aspects of my job to make things easier for me.

    I suppose that was a turning point for me and I started to accept that I had arthritis, I couldn’t do everything and it was ok to ask for understanding and support if I needed it.

    i hope your operation goes ahead when planned and that you have a speedy recovery.

    kind regards