Fed up

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I was diagnosed with RA in February, aged 47. Methotrexate didn't work for me (made me feel sick, headaches), and I recently started on Sulfasalazine, which was going fine until I started on 4 tablets a day, and now I have an itchy rash on arms, face, legs. Rheumatologists have said to stop taking it for 2 weeks and start again then. I'm so fed up. I was on steroids for 5 months earlier this year, which have helped, but the rheumatologists have said I shouldn't have any more. I'm meant to be going on holiday next week and really worried I'll be in bad pain and mostly immobile with no meds at all. The naproxen and codeine I got from the GP before I was on steroids and then DMARDs never really did anything much.