Hi i have recently been diagnosed with osteoathritis in my knee, can anyone help what painkillers would work and gel for the inflammatory, i am not allowed inbuprofen because of medication i am on



  • Anna
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    Hi @Gfallan and welcome to the online community,

    I understand you've recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee and would like to find out about pain treatments that other members find effective. Many of our members experience knee pain and I'm sure can offer advice and suggestions about what works for them. You might find it useful to have a look at the attached website from Versus Arthritis which discusses osteoarthritis of the knee and gives some helpful suggestions for how to deal with knee pain.

    Do let us know how you're getting on,

    Anna (Moderator)

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  • KC1
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    Hi, welcome to the VA community. I mainly use paracetamol. If it’s really bad I take naproxen which is an anti inflammatory. It’s prescription only so you’d be able to check if there are any contraindications with your other medication.

    all the best

  • Baloo
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    I find myself quite curious about how painkillers work. I tried a while without painkillers so I could nurse a pain in my hip, and also had pain in my knees and shoulders to the extent it was difficult to move, such as getting out of a chair.

    Once the hip was better I went back on painkillers, just paracetamols, and found the pain in my knees and shoulders went away. However, something interesting happened which is, now there was less pain in my knees I could feel the muscles in my legs pulling me up instead, and found getting out of a chair much easier all of a sudden.

    I was definitely too short a time to become stronger, it was just the difference in the feeling of muscles coming back that made such a big difference.