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Does anyone out there have experience of applying for ill-health retirement?

I have severe osteoarthritis in various joints, degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia. Due to the ongoing pain, fatigue, mobility issues and concentration and memory struggles, I have not been able to work in my job as a teacher for over a year, having been in the profession for eighteen years. I have several OH reports stating I am unfit for work and so have come to the place where I need to apply for ill-health retirement.

I changed GPs at the beginning of the year as I was unhappy with the progress being made in my treatment. The problem I have is that my new GP is not being very helpful in her reports of my condition – saying things like ‘she says she has pain and fatigue’. To me, this reads as though I am not being genuine and I don’t think it will help with my application.

I am in receipt of PIP and the support group ESA, meaning they do not expect me to be working.

Would anyone be kind enough to offer me some advice on where to go with this?

I sincerely appreciate your time.



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    Hello @LicketySplit in the first instance try calling our Helpline as they might be able to give you some guidance (you can explain your situation in more detail). Hopefully others might give their experiences as well as to how they got on. The only other thing that I can think of is maybe Citizens Advice?

    Hope you get it resolved soon.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi, I'm in the process of retiring on medical grounds due to severe spinal stenosis plus multiple areas. My manager referred me to OH and he agreed to back me. I'm on sick leave now but the consultant's report is now back with OH and it now has to be read by an independent doctor IRMP (can't think of the exact wording at the moment). He then sends his report to HR with his decision.

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    If you're a trade union member, it would be worth contacting your rep. They will have experience of the processes and be able to guide you through. They'll probably also know more about the situation in your local authority and have contacts in the HR department. CAB is also a good option for advice and ACAS advises on employment issues as well. As you're already in receipt of PIP and on ESA, I would think you have a strong case despite your concerns about your GPs reports. You should also raise your concerns about her wording in describing your condition. Good luck.

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    Hi, @LicketySplit. I am just wondering how you are getting on with applying for I'll health retirement? I am a teacher and find myself struggling more and more with work. I have had several falls recently which worries me being around children. I am approaching 58 and hanging on to retirement at 60 but not sure I can hold out working that long. I would love to know how you are getting on. Best wishes. Lily.