Knee replacement

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Just had my second knee replacement and struggling to do exercises due to severe swelling .

also nights are awful as constant stabbing pains in knee


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    Hi @Gail56

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    Managing the swelling can be challenging after a knee replacement, there is a section here on swelling/recovery

    You may have done this already, but I would suggest you inform your rheumatology team about your night pains and see if they provide any support or even painkillers.

    Hope it helps


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  • lyndab
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    I am in awful pain with my knee replacement. My painkillers don’t seem to work so I cannot sleep at night. Just hoping it gets a bit better I am struggling to do exercises mine is swelled up. Any tips would be appreciated

  • Gail56
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    ice it well before bed and maybe ask for stronger painkillers for night time

    unfortunately nights are awful

    I have had both knees replaced and dreaded the nights but it will improve