Progression of Degenerative Disc Disease or…?

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Hello. I’m 60 years and newly struggling with spinal pain from neck, shoulders to lumbar back and sciatic pain, confirmed some years ago as severely herniated discs. However I also have overlapping hypermobility problems with thoracic scoliosis, rare systemic autoimmune diseases, systemic sclerosis and Sjögren’s and under active thyroid. So I’m waiting on another lumbar and sacral MRI my GP has just requested and trying to think of ways I can exercise without inadvertently causing more pain? I have seen physio and been given exercises but not sure if they are suitable now with this flare in my spine?

I should add that the pain and stiffness in my legs, lower back and neck only got this bad when I had to spend a month off my immunesuppressant in April/May. I’m back on it now but have lowered my dose due to fact that the scleroderma/ systemic sclerosis specialist thought it could be worsening my severe gut problems and adding to existing malabsorption.

There’s never been any connection shown in imaging so far that this degenerative disc disease and other osteoarthritis is autoimmune related - just told it’s ageing - but it seems a bit of a coincidence?

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