Wooden it be nice

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My achievement is to build or to rebuild since I did this 16 years ago over a couple of weeks, my rotten wooden balcony. It’s 3.6m X 5m and about 8ft high. So far to replace 95% of the wood it’s taken me about 3 months, on the days I can manage to do some work about 1 1/2 - 2 hours is more than enough. Some days getting my tools out is enough! Plenty of water and tea/ coffee breaks is called for and I have noticed a cream tea or two appearing in between the lemon drizzle slices. An early start before the sun comes around helps, working in the shade is a big help, I couldn’t manage otherwise. Madam is now proficient in painting everything in two coats of creosote, a big help.

Apart from the cost of the project, I couldn’t employ someone , I enjoy the woodwork and I have a wide range of electric tools to aid me so it’s satisfying and surprisingly it’s working my muscles, not to their former fitness but enough to feel the difference. I have always tried to exercise but often felt defeated by the pain. My rheummy appointments are being cancelled a lot so I’m still waiting for those elusive meds that work. I started on the handrails yesterday, the main beans and joists are finished, the decking in place so maybe I’m on the home straight? The gc are with us tomorrow (school holidays) so another incentive to get it done! I couldn’t hold my cuppa this morning but hope some stretches and exercise will help?

Yes I do know about ‘boom and bust’ and often do go over my limits but at least it lifts my spirits, satisfaction helps. I shan’t be doing this again, I think? Right, now where’s the four inch nails………

its a grin, honest!


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    That's incredible @Airwave!

    Maybe a photo of the completed project might be good once it's finished.

    Well done


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    Hello @Airwave! sounds like your project is advancing well. Mine last year was to build a bird table from scrap wood we had around. I was quite pleased with the results, though it confused the pigeons for a while as they couldn't decide whether it was safe or not!

    You'll have to provide photos of the finished article. Good to keep your hand in whenever you are able.

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    @Airwave! , you are an inspiration. YES, photo please!

    I confess I deterred Mr SW from a similar enterprise 18 months ago when going out into the garden, independently, got a bit too difficult and dangerous for me. The idea (a balcony from the spare room) was good but Mr SW is / always has been an enthusiastic bodger. Instead, we got a local guy whose father and grandfather were also in the trade and who has done excellent work for us previously. Dougie installed a non-slip floor and beautiful wooden rails so now we have a table, four chairs and plants there. Not recycled wood, unfortunately, but a lovely, safe place to sit and enjoy a cuppa, a book, friends and just the garden. I do hope you get as much pleasure from yours, plus the well-earned additional one of having crafted it in away that is environmentally friendly, 'all by your own' as my elder son used to say (when he was much younger!)

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    Get you @Airwave!

    I am so pleased you have achieved this rather monumental feat. I would also love to see a photo.

    there's your nails.

    Well done!👏

    Toni x

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  • Airwave!
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    It has been surprising how much exercise the body can put up with and also how little it takes to stop me! Pain is a very real thing, after having OA since I was young I thought I knew all about pain until RA came into my life! But, if I don’t do something I feel very frustrated and feel a need to find satisfaction from doing practical crafts. No, I don’t do gardening, it’s an invention of the devil!!

    it’s a grin, honest!

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    Well done @Airwave! that's inspirational!! How fantastic!

    what a lovely space to sit out in the sunshine!!!

  • Daphne
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    Very well done @Airwave! 👏 you should be very proud of what you have achieved, it looks wonderful x