Brass Banding


Hi all,

So my main hobby is to blow down a bit of brass twice a week; I currently play cornet with The Staffordshire Band.

It has become increasingly difficult to hold my instrument; I was always taught to hold the cornet straight out in front of me (not down like a clarinet) - over time I have had operations on both shoulders. With the osteoarthritis the discomfort/pain is always there; but this will not stop my hobby.

Brass banders are great fun; even if we do play in bandstands sometimes in the pouring rain with no-one listening 🤣



  • stickywicket
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    I love brass bands in general and cornets in particular. I was born and bred in Yorkshire at a time when they were everywhere. I still recall one tramp over the moors with my sister where the faint sound of a brass band rose through the mist in the valley below. Magical.

    I had to give up playing the piano when arthritis hit, starting in my hands but music remains with me and my younger son did a music degree.

    I hope you can continue as long as possible. Might it be possible to rig up some kind of support for it to hold it up? (Dignity is vastly overrated, I find!)

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  • Lizziejayne53

    Hi @stickywicket

    Yes I agree that a brass band can certainly stir emotions - I love playing with the band to an audience. I have been playing trumpet since I was 11 and moved on to cornet when I was 18. My dad gave me 3 months and said I would get bored! I am now 53 and still playing.

    I have rigged up some form of support in the past before my rotator cuff operation - it looked funny but I did not care as it kept me playing.

    Yorkshire is a lovely part of the world and home to some amazing brass bands.

    sorry to hear that you had to give up playing the piano - I am and always will be envious of those who can sit at a piano and just play. I did have lessons many moons ago but then got stuck into brass banding and playing for our Veterans and did not have the time.