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Hi this is my first post.. bare with me I'm just finding my way round the site... having suffered for at least 5 years with pain and discomfort in my lower back and knees a recent xray on my back shows lumbar osteoarthritis . Knee pain, stiffness, locking is a daily occurrence.. my next step is xray on knees,( if I can get an appt with Dr to refer me ) could these problems be osteoarthritis pain relief is OTC paracetamol, which doesnt give me respite at reluctant to take anything else..lifting, twisting is problematic and fatigue is daily..could you lovely people off me any advice on moving forward, any tips would be greatly appreciated


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    Hi @TrishaER  

    Welcome to the versus arthritis forum. 

    You have experienced back and knee pain for some time and your recent xray shows OA in your lumbar region. You are currently taking paracetamol which helps to some extent. You’d like to hear from any forum members who can offer any advice/tips. 

    Well you’ve definitely come to the right place to ask for input. Whilst you await some feedback these links to our website may prove useful: 



    I hope you receive some useful feedback. 

    Best Wishes

    ChrisB (Moderator))

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    Hi @TrishaER

    I have just joined as well. I have had lumber OA for the past 6 years. Funnily enough my knee has started it play up but not sure if that is OA yet. I have looked at the exercises here and they are similar to some of the stretches I already do. I will be doing the knee ones regularly.

    For my back, I do take ibruprofen. It use to be as and when but recently it's everyday. I also do Pilates every week and stretching most days. Heat works and I have a small back massager as well. I also have a massage every couple of months. I do tend to throw everything at it! But it's also now for me about finding my limits and when to stop.

    These things generally work for me but everyone is different. Have you been referred to a physio by your Dr. They may also be able to help.

    Hopefully you'll receive even more advice which I also would be interested in.

    Take Care.