Update & 2nd opinion

Morning, I thought I would give a update and say the importance of a 2nd opinion.

I have had severe knee pain for 2 years. My rheumatologist referred me for arthroscopy after a mri showed torn meniscus in both knees. Then I moved areas. So I went to my new gp, had physio and steroid injections which didn't help. The physio said they won't do arthroscopy on people over 50 now but she reluctantly sent me to orthopedic surgeon, who said the same, but when I got upset he said come back in 3 months after researching it, I went back and he just said again he won't do anything and said I won't need knee replacements. I asked if I would just have to live with this pain the rest of my life, I'm 60. He said yes, I will refer to to a pain clinic.

Yesterday I got my appointment with another surgeon in my old area, what a difference, I'm getting a steroid injection in my hip, bilateral arthroscopy on knees and I'm heading to 2 knee replacements. I will have to travel 60miles for the treatment but at least I now have a future.

So if u are unhappy, in pain do try to get a 2nd opinion.


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    You are so right @debster!

    I have a similar story to share. Having been referred by my GP to Connect Health after XRays revealed severe OA to both knees I set up a call with a Doctor there to discuss treatment options over the phone.

    He asked what I was hoping for from the call, I said I was hoping for an Arthroscopy or Debrinement to which he said the NHS no longer performs those procedures so I asked what my options were and he said it would be surgery, either partial or full replacement. For that I'd have to be referred but he refused on the grounds of my age (56) and that I was managing my condition. I told him I felt it was a very unfair decision to take, I'm doing everything I can with diet, physio and exercise and I think the NHS should do it's bit to help. I asked him what it would take for further intervention because I can't believe I'd need to be virtually paralysed before I'd be considered for surgery.

    He wouldn't budge so I called back, made a formal complaint and subsequently spoke to someone more senior who told me that health professionals have complete autonomy, meaning their opinion can be life-changing either positively or negatively. She referred me to a Consultant and my case was fast-tracked to Ramsay Healthcare who handle some workloads for the NHS.

    Well, what a difference that made! I saw a Surgeon in less than 3 weeks, had an MRI and follow-up within 10 days of that and am now on the list for a double TKR. That was April and had it not been for my having had Steroid injections in January I'd have had the op by now. As it stands, I'm due to go in September.