Help Please


I am increasingly unable to put my socks on and, being grossly independent, don't want to ask for help just yet.

Can anyone please recommend a good, but not toi expensive device to help me? I've looked on that well known online site and I'm baffled at the choice and cost

I'm hopeful I will only need it until my hips are fixed ...whenever that might be.

Thanks and love n hugs

Trish xx


  • MrDJ
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    Hi @Trish9556

    Back in the 90's when i had a hip replacement this was what was supplied by the council OT who came out to check my house. It will stretch your socks though but as i buy lose top socks it does help a bit.

    more versions available here [link removed]

    Sorry had to remove the link as advertising in not allowed. Please search the internet for the sock and stocking aids, Peter

  • stickywicket
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    Unless you have any particular problems other than reach just go for an absolute bogstandard cheap one. These days, owing to the shape of my feet and total lack of hand grip. I get one that's more or less basic but with a slightly different cut out bit (to avoid lumps and bumps) and thick tapes which I can wind several times round my - fortunately fused! - wrists for better grip. They tend to be longer than I need which just requires more oompht so Mr SW cuts them down using a previous one as a template. With more elaborate ones i find it's as much of a problem to get the sock onto the sock aid as onto the foot. Luckily, trial and error isn't too expensive.

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    Hi, I have a sock thing which has a long white strap to pull the sock on. My gadget can be bought for as little as £10 on line.. I pull my sock up over the ga diet and then pull it out afterwards. Works quite well. Try and get something with a bit of flexibility. The sites selling them should have ‘reviews’ you can read before taking the plunge and shelling out. It was the second one I bought from an online ability shop. Hope this helps a bit.