Am I lucky or is this going to get worse?

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Hi All,

joined the site last week having been newly diagnosed with RA and have been reading through a lot of the posts and info that is available.

I was seen by my GP when I was complaining of pain and stiffness in my hands first thing in the morning, had a blood test and the rest is history.

have had x1 injection of steroids (have emergency tablet back up if required), started methotrexate and folic acid and all seems to be going well thus far.

My diagnosis and treatment regime is very similar to lots of other newly diagnosed folk on here but my level of pain and immobility fades into complete insignificance compared to others, my heart genuinely goes out to you.

I consider myself to be a reasonably fit and active 55 year old man and I continue to walk my mad sprocker spaniel over 25 miles a week, my mindset is that I am going to carry on as per normal, until I can’t, hence my questioning the progression of the RA

My pain has been managed very well and I was seen very quickly, I totally appreciate that RA is a degenerative disease and affects different folk in different ways, but am I just lucky compared to others or should I be prepared for this to get a whole lot worse?




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    Hi @Dexter good to hear that you are still keeping active. I think that is one of the best things we can do though I recocognise it is much more difficult for some than others, but every bit helps.

    My father, long since departed, suffered from RA most of his later years and used to work as a postie when they used bikes. Whilst he was doing that he wasn't too bad but when he finished RA caught up with him.

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    I feel a bit like you when I read what other folk put up with in terms of pain and ongoing issues. I, too, was referred to a consultant relatively quickly, had 1 steroid injection and then started on methotrexate. This was back in November 2021. Some of the joints in my hands are more swollen than my consultant would like, so he's starting me on a biologic, but apart from a couple of flares, which weren't at all pleasant, I'm not in a lot of pain and can still do most of the things I have always done, including walking the dogs, cycling and gardening - just not as far or as fast - but that might just be my age. I think we're fortunate, so we should make the most of it while we can. I do think keeping active both physically and mentally is important. Hope you keep on carrying on.