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Hi, I am new to here. Having had various issues over the years with my knees (nothing as bad as many of you) I had a second arthroscopy on my left knee in November 2019 when I was told that after removing a lot of loose cartilage and tidying up of cartilage around my knee I would need a replacement knee within 8 years !!!!. My knee has never felt right since then but the most recent issue I have now is that I can feel/hear the bone rubbing on bone and it is really starting to get me down. Is there anything I can take/do to help relieve this symptom?



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    Hi @JudyS

    Welcome to the online community,glad you have found us.

    you write that having had knee problems over the years,you have recently had loose bone and a clean up and tidying up the cartilage by surgery,you are now experiencing a feeling and hearing the bone clicking and it is starting to get you down.

    you can go back to the GP and ask the surgery but as long as there is no pain i doubt they will do much.I had this procedure a long time ago and as i wasnt in pain i got use to it,it is a bit daunting though if you are not use to noise in that area.

    Please tell us how you get on and do chat to others on our forums they may have some ideas.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi @JudyS,

    I popped into my pharmacy a few months ago for some Co-Codemol and was told about a gel called FlexiSeq which can help promote lubrication to reduce crunching and grinding. I've been using it daily on my severely Arthritic knees (I'm bone on bone) to good effect. It's one of the most effective products I use. It ain't cheap, around £20 for a 70ml tube which will last about 1 month on one knee but if you like it, it can be bought a lot cheaper in bulk online. I order from a pharmacy called iPharm.

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    Thanks for that, I will give this a go