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Hi all. I have been having difficulties walking for probably about eight years or more .it started with pain in my foot.ball of foot. My knee I fell on and had slight problem with it giving way this was x rayed and found to have slight arthritis seven years later I now find they are saying arthritis in knee and hip .I found last year my walking ability had deteriorated I asked to see a physio had exercises given told my walking problem was from being out of condition need to exercise and strengthen my back muscles and legs. Neither of these have helped. I now find that I am struggling to walk and it's not that I am in pain.doesn't hurt to walk I just feel unsteady and light headed and nauseous..I have started using a stick and just getting out the house is an ordeal I always loved walking .I know I have arthritis in knee joint and hip and hand now. But to me it doesn't feel right I think it's a neurological problem maybe .But finding it difficult at the moment .doesn't hurt to walk I just can't very well and exhausting .I am 68 .feeling bit down about this as I could never see a Dr and have been trying to get things investigated . Also have had a chronic sinusitis attack two weeks ago. A gp just suggested might be viral and I have felt awful ever since and walking has become worse. .is this arthritis. .


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    Hello @JanineL

    Welcome to the community we are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience aswell.

    I understand you think you have arthritis in knee and hip.

    Our website has a lot of useful information please see link below.

    Knee pain | Causes, treatments and self-management (

    What helps hip pain? | Versus Arthritis

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best Wishes


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    Hi @JanineL Thats a lot of maladies to get you down, but if its arthritis its not going away any time soon whatever you do. Better maybe to take care how your walking and balancing with or without a stick, and get some real confidence that the stick is helping.

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    Hi, sorry to hear your having a lot of problems. I wonder if you might be on some strong pain killers that can affect your ballance and sometimes make you feel dizzy. I had been taking Pregabalin for nerve pain but now coming off it gradually I feel my mind is a lot clearer and more alert. Just a thought. Good luck x

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    iI'd agree with the previous replies. Use a walking aid - stick, zimmer or rollator - whatever does it for you. You can try them out in local shops. But also strong pain relief can cause problems so maybe get all this checked out wiith your GP. At least with your localpharmacist who can tell you if you're getting interactions with meds.

    But mostly, do persevere with the exercises. They won't cure arthritis and may take some time to improve your muscle strength at all but they really do help, though not immediately.

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