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I've had OA in my right knee for over 15 years now, I'm 54 years old.

Trouble is I love Football and still play 8a side once a week on 3G pitches.

The trouble is I'm now finding the game faster and hard to play for me. I do my best but I'm frustrated that I can't do the things I used to be able to do.

I take ibuprofen before exercise to manage the pain.

I've just started playing Walking Football but feel that I'm still too mobile to play it.

Can people play football after a TKR? Any advice, feedback would be greatly appreciated



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    Hello @DaveyBoy68

    Welcome to the community we are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience aswell.

    I understand you think you have arthritis in knee.

    Our website has a lot of useful information please see link below.

    Knee pain | Causes, treatments and self-management (

    What helps hip pain? | Versus Arthritis

    “I lived for football and to be told that I couldn’t play anymore really affected me.” (

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best Wishes


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  • Yes I have been diagnosed as having OA in my right knee for the last 15 years

    I have serious degeneration now.

    Please see my above post


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    HI @DaveyBoy68,

    There is no medical link between OA and Arthritis, in fact most studies believe sport to be beneficial for joint and tissue strength.

    That said, high impact sport such as Football can damage cartilage and as it doesn't have its own blood supply and once its gone, it's gone.

    You've asked whether you would still be able to play Football after a replacement and the answer is "yes" but if you do, be aware that any high impact sport such as footy and running will cause the replacement to wear faster. It's a one-time operation so if you play a lot maybe scale it back and perhaps wear running shoes which are more shock-absorbing.

    You're taking Ibuprofen which is an entry-level anti-inflammatory - has your GP prescribed anything stronger such as Naproxen? I've bone-on-bone OA in both knees which need replacing. Before I do anything strenuous I take a couple of Co-Codemol and wear knee supports, either the ordinary elasticated ones or the stronger, hinged ones with velcro straps. I'll use a deep tissue massaging gun on the backs and sides of my legs, smear on FlexiSeq gel and Red Tiger Balm before putting on the supports. Works a treat for me and I'm able to do 5-6 hours of hard cardio a week, hike and cycle 20-50 miles of a weekend at the ripe old age of 56.

    Hope some of these help.