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I have just been diagnosed with inflamatory Arthritis. Bit scared as I was previously fit and active and before steroids I was in such pain and was unable to bathe, dress or use the toilet on my own! Thankfully the steroids kicked in and life is better than it was. I am now under a Rheumatologist (I had a real battle with the nhs to be seen but that’s another story) Having seen the Rheumatologist I was put on Methatrexate and I’m on my 5th dose but it’s not kicked on yet. I am being tapered off steroids too and currently in the mornings I have mild joint pain, some swelling in my hand and this week have also had cramp in hands and it’s a bit scary 😦

I have read so much on the internet about Arthritis and I’m even confused with my diagnosis as it seems the symptoms of Polymyalgia fit my condition, the consultant has put on paper it’s seronegative Inflamatory Arthritis and another Consultant said I did not have RA??? So bit concerned and worried whether I am on the right medication as currently it’s not working either?

any help would be appreciated