Gout & Pseudo-Gout

I've just read the article about Malcolm living with Gout.

I was recently diagnosed with Pseudo-Gout. I had heard of gout before but not pseudo-gout. The difference is that instead of uric acid crystals in a joint you have calcium crystals in a joint.

As Malcolm said the pain is excruciating. Mine is in my right wrist which means there is not a lot I can do as I am right handed. When the consultant orthopaedic surgeon showed us the x-rays the crystals were obvious they looked like huge boulders between the bones.

My 'treatment' was take ibuprofen, which I'm already taking in-between taking co-codamol for my arthritis.

I've had joint problems for nearly 50 years now and my only treatment is taking pills and having joints replaced, 3 so far. Does anyone know what the record is?

I guess I'll have to write another poem/song!!


  • PeterJ
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    Hi @Supermand you may have already see this but have a look at the following

    it mentions pseudo-gout.

    As regards the record .... over to others on the Community😀

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  • frogmorton
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    I have no idea who has had the most joint replacements, but suspect it will be quite a few.

    You'd have to decide whether revisions count as more than one replacement of course🤔

    Toni x

  • Supermand
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    For my Guiness Book Of Records entry I'm only counting new joints revisions don't count.

  • stickywicket
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    Really? Try having one @Supermand 😁 Revsions require double theatre time , usually longer rehab and can only be performed by the best surgeons.

    Yes, I have a revision😆 With or without it it I could trump you on replaced joints but I don't think either of us would make the record books.

    Both gout and pseudo gout are very painful. You have my sympathy.

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  • Telynores
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    Sympathies all round, as a sufferer from both gout with a recent very painful flare-up, and osteoarthritis resulting in a hip replacement I understand the pain and restrictions they can place on you. So, big hug to you all.

  • 18amandah
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    I have swollen big toes. Makes walking painful. I also have a failed hip replacement, due to no care package while i was also a full time carer for my late Husband . Also i was so tense before the op . no pre med they wanted to give me an epidural, but i wasnt happy crying my eyes out. so going the Alternative route. Sound bath, reflexology. natural healing with harry edwards sanctury, & massage with hemp each day &heat patches on qhen i go out .sorry to rant best wishes Amanda

  • Telynores
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    Rant away, much better than bottling things up. Big hug, and best wishes.

  • Hello Amanda, big hugs. I have just been to the GP about my swollen big toes. I can sympathise. I am waiting to see if anything shows in latest blood tests but suspect he really had no idea x Best Debbie

  • men5j2s
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    No new joints for me yet (knocks on wood), but have had gout for 15 years now with around 5 or 6 flare ups a year. It’s not fun is it :) pain meds do their job most of the time for me, but with them come the gut problems.

    Best of luck everyone!

  • CarylW
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    Hello @men5j2s

    Welcome to our online forum. We are a friendly group and our members will always support with information and by sharing experiences when they can.

    Gout can be incredibly painful and there is quite a lot of information about it on our website. I am posting two links to some recent research below which you may not have seen:

    Do keep posting - we look forward to hearing from you.

    With best wishes


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