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Hi, nice to meet you all. I am 42 years old and have diagnosed with stage 4 osteoarthritis of the knees, stage 3 osteoarthritis of ankles and stage 1 in my wrists. I have bunions on both feet and plantar fasciitis aswell. I am looking for recommendations for support, how others manage pain. I was referred to a dietician who said my diet was fine. Been referred for injections in my knees and recommended for a referral to orthopaedics for knee replacement. Just looking for advice, things that work and help. I also suffer from immune deficiency so the idea of a big operation is not appealing. Thank you for any advice.


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    Hello @Olicanian

    I am glad you have found our online forum. We are a supportive and friendly group and I hope that members will respond to you with thoughts and ideas.

    I understand that you have osteoarthritis in your knees, ankles and wrists and you have been referred for knee replacement. I am posting some links to information which I hope will be a starting point for you. You can search for more specific information on our website.

    Do let us know how you get on - we look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Olicanian

    Welcome to the forum from me too. sounds as though you have a lot going on you must have been in pain for quite some time.

    They like us to be healthy for surgery so a dietician isn't unusual, but my best advice would be to get as mobile as you can because that will really help you post operation. Those muscles and tendons need to be in good shape to support your new joint.

    There are some exercises you can do (gentle don't worry) on the main site I'll see if I can find it....

    This is it and ask any questions people who have had knee surgery will be able to advise.

    Take care


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    Welcome @Olicanian,

    In terms of the injections, if these are Steroid they're usually injected into Cartilage. With stage 4 OA there may be very little or none at all left so the chances of any improvement may be very slim. I'm stage 4 too and on the list for a double knee replacement, my last round of injections had no effect whatsoever so just a word to the wise because it is not a pleasant procedure.

    Regarding any procedure, this is usually done with a local anaesthetic or epidural but if you're worried about side-effects from your immunity deficiency it's definitely something worth disucssing with your Surgeon. I have immune deficiency too and my GP prescribed a drug called Aciclovir which is doing the job.

    There is a lot of information on this excellent website which is well worth a read, think of it as the Arthritis Sufferer's Bible!

    Hope this helps,


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    Thank you all for your advice. It has been a lot to take in, in a short time. I have forgotten what life felt like not to be in pain most days. It is good to know that something is happening at last.