Hello there,

I'm new to this and just wandering if there are any sailors out there ?

I'm trying to think ahead a little and see what might be possible again and what is realistic.


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  • frogmorton
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    Don't ask me I get sea 🤢😂

    but I did do a 'search' for you using the word sailing

    Hope it's a possibility for you in the future🤞


  • janiebin
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    Hi @CapnGee like the name!

    I have crewed most of my life in lakes, east coast rivers and on charters often in warmer climates. My Capn is mid 70s and we have decided to give our Norfolk Gypsy to our son at the end of this season. I can still manage to hold onto to sheets and hoist sails etc but suffer for it afterwards. We have had some amazing times, marvelled at some amazing sights like dolphins swimming alongside us, mistaken night fishermen for smugglers, seen some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

    So hang on in there and enjoy your sailing as long as possible. It won't be a demotion if you give up being Capn and become a wise crew member if the total responsibility becomes a bit too physically demanding. It just makes sense.

    Good luck

  • harrison
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    Hi CapnGee

    I have knee OA - given up on windsurfing, racing dinghies and catamarans as too much impact and athleticism needed to enjoy it. I looked at some specialist and disability arrangements but decided to take the opportunity to move up to cruising small sailing yachts. Older small boats are cheap and ok for getting around (lots of handholds) and great if everything set up from cockpit. I go solo half the time, then also crew on other boats and also take crew. Occasionally solo is dicey to deal with problems but I haven't found it to be so dangerous to give it up. With family Im chartering a larger cruising catamaran this summer - as it's more on one level and more stable Im thinking it might be a good option (if expensive!). Seems there are lots of ways to keep going on the water if you are determined and enjoy it - and can be flexible with your thinking about how to approach - definitely a challenge to ones independence. For inspiration there is a very cool guy on social media with one arm and one leg sailing solo round the world in a 50 year old 30 foot boat :-)



  • JPT
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    Sailing is my passion too and I'm also wondering what I will be able to do once I have a new hip. I usually do the deck work, will I be able to do this again?