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Anyone else suffer with having to find medication that doesn’t contain lactose? I have OA in all my joints. Currently have one knee replacement, the other one due to be done later in the year. I struggle to find medication over the counter or prescribed. The pharmacist at the doctors struggle to. I have previously relied on creams and love Sanctuary Spa warming balm, but sometimes especially now need something else. Any ideas?


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    Hi @Motherhen and welcome to the online community,

    There doesn't seem to be much information around about lactose-free medication and unfortunately most anti-inflammatories that would be prescribed for arthritis do contain lactose. There are a few that are lactose-free though, particularly among over the counter medication, so it might be worth speaking to your pharmacist or local natural health food shop about them. Rosehip is lactose free and it has proved effective in reducing the pain of arthritis, so that could be worth considering. Here's a list of the most popular alternative medicines:

    Do have a look round the forum - all our members have experienced living with arthritis and are very friendly. Join in any conversations you feel comfortable with, and if you find something that works for you, please do let us know.

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    Thank you for the link. I usually use these things in one way and another but I might try rosehip, I never knew this could help. It’s worth a try.