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Just joined as I thought I may get help and tips

Have OA in both hands and I'm finding it really painful as I'm still working which involves a lot of typing and scrolling.

I'd like ideas how to stop this getting worse, I have a big Heberden's node on my index finger and I can feel them coming on others 😞


  • Hi @Harrysmom

    My current role requires a lot of typing and scrolling as well; to assist I purchased a desk extender so I can rest my elbow which gives greater support. My OA is in my shoulder so this may or may not work for you. If you are also typing in word (for example) you can always try the "dictate" mode; this allows you to speak into a headset and it will type out for you. I personally found that this can be tricky but this may be something you could try (if not already).

    Sending warm wishes