Widespread Osteoarthritis

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im new to the group I have widespread Osteoarthritis, I have Degeneration in my hips and spine, I’m am really struggling right now with work and would really appreciate advice thank you .


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    Hello @Burte23

    Welcome to our on-line community, thank you for taking your time in joining and hope that your experience with us will be helpful for you in the future.

    We are sorry to hear that you have Osteoarthritis and that it affects your hips and spine and the impact it is having on work.

    If you are starting to feel as if your role is becoming increasingly challenging you could look at seeing an Occupational Health advisor, you could speak to your HR team to see if they could help with this as often large companies do have them or if it is a small company you work for you could ask your GP for a referral to see one. They could advise you around any possible reasonable adjustments that perhaps could be made which could include changing roles, changing working hours or perhaps aids or equipment that could help. They can also teach you to do things differently so that it doesn't have such an impact on your joints.

    If none of these changes improve your situation and you wanted to reduce your hours or finish working, there are benefits available that could help and organisations that could help with this is the Citizens advice they can also help you to fill in the forms as well.

    Also speak to your GP it may be that you are due for a medication review especially if you are continually in pain all the time.

    Please do let us know how you get on in the future.

    Best wishes


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