Kennel cough vaccine dilemma

My wife recently took my dog to the vets for his annual booster and kennel cough vaccine. As I am immunocompromised I am aware that there is a very small risk to myself as the kennel cough vaccine is live. I also understood (maybe incorrectly) that if my dog did not have the vaccine and were to subsequently get kennel cough then this would pose a greater risk.

In the past I have been advised to avoid being in the consulting room when he is being given the vaccine and not to travel in the car with him immediately afterwards as this would pose an increased risk so have always taken this advice seriously.

On this occasion the vet has advised that he shouldn’t be given the vaccine at all due to the risks involved and has said that as long as he isn’t going into boarding kennels then the risk of him getting kennel cough is minimal.

Even though we won’t be boarding him, he will still be around other dogs so could still theoretically get kennel cough so I am finding the situation very confusing and am unsure what decision to make.

Perhaps I am over thinking this as I guess the risk is low either way but I am very interested to know if others have had the same dilemma and what decision you have come to. 




  • efd204
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    Hi @Elwyn it would be a personal choice of course but for me I was just told by the vet not to let my dog lick my face haha for three weeks after he got the kennel cough vaccine due to me being immune compromised, after which point it would be fine. In many areas of the UK kennel cough has been almost eradicated so yes the risk of your dog getting it would be small. However, I live in the south west and know of lots of dogs that have had it so there was no doubt in my mind I’d get him vaccinated,

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    Would it be worth asking your rheumatology helpline? I'd expect a rheumatologist to be more clued up on dog to owner transmission than a vet. It might be that your vet, seeing your anxiety, is just covering his or her back and playing for safety. On the other hand, if @efd204 's vet is correct and if you have a "licky dog' , that three weeks would not be easy.

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  • Elwyn
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    Thank you 😊

  • Woofy
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    I had this crop up fairly recently at my dogs annual vaccine app.

    because I on immune suppressant meds, and my dog does not go into kennels, that it was best to not to giver the kennel cough vaccine.

  • Elwyn
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    Thank you 😊