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Have osteoporosis/arthritis and recently started having pins and needles in my left leg. Managing my pain pretty much but wonder if this is another symptom?


  • Hi @Littleboss

    Thank you for posting on our on-line community, we are sorry to hear that you have osteoporosis and arthritis and you are experiencing pins and needles in your leg.

    Most people experience pins and needles at some point but it is suggested that they contact their doctor if this is happening a lot or lasts for a long period of time. It can happen when the blood supply is cut possibly when we have been sitting or sleeping on a certain part of the body, usually the arms, hands feet and legs.

    The symptoms of Osteoporosis doesn't suggest symptoms of pins and needles so speaking to your Healthcare practitioner could help.

    I hope the links below will help in the future:

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    I developed pins and needles after taking naproxen . Stopped taking it and it went after a few days ,although the doctor said it wasn't the naproxen 😂😂