PsA and Constant Pain CBD?

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I have psoriatic arthritis with axial spondyloarthritis and degenerative discs. I am on Taltz biweekly which has helped but I am getting worse again and wonder about CBD products interfering with all of my meds like Rabeprazole (proton pump inhibiter for tummy protection), Naproxen and Amlodipine (Calcium channel blocker). I assume that many people on these meds do just fine with cannibis and I was wondering what everyone's experiences were?

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    Hello @Bucky and welcome to our online forum. We are a friendly and helpful group of people and I hope you will find some members answering your questions.

    Your email is unclear as to whether you are already taking CBD products, or you are considering doing so. This information may be helpful for you and we would always suggest you talk to your GP or consultant before taking anything which might interfere with your medication.

    Do keep in touch with us and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Bucky

    Nice to meet you.

    There aren't a huge number of people on here who use CBD (I don't myself) and I'm not sure how many of those who do will be on the same meds as you.

    I did a search for Taltz and under it's brand name Ixekizumab and got no hits at all. Then I tried rabeprazole too and only got a very old thread from 2009 which had nothing at all to do with CBD.

    Sorry this isn't much 😣 much help

    I think in your shoes I'd talk to a medical person like your GP or maybe a pharmacist?

    Best of luck and if you do find out do let us know you might help someone else in future.

    Take care


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    Verywise of you to check first, @Bucky though I don't think we're the best people to check with😗 I'd ring my rheumatology helpline and first check my regular blood results. If the DMARDS aren't working and your inflammatory levels are u p, you need them tweaking. If the inflammatory levels are OK then it does boil down to pain relief and, like @frogmorton , I'd be checking with m GP o pharmacist. Do let us know how you get on.

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