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Good morning all

Just brief overview have been diagnosed with RA now about 5 years ago but GP contradicts this. Still waiting for my review at rheumotolist since ore covid. Chased several times. Was nurse to my mum and Dad and working full time but sadly both parents have passed away with 18mths each other.

Have had really severe bouts fatigue and terrible pain and swelling in feet shoulders and elbows. Really struggle with daily chores and work.

Taking Hydroxychloroquine and duloxetine. But have been told several contradictions regarding diet control. Does anyone have positive effects to a specific diet please.

Started swimming again and i walk my dogs every day shorter distances than I did. Also need to loose 3 stone.

Thank you so much everyone


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    Hi @Aliball

    Nice to meet you. Sorry you sound as though you have an unsupportive GP.

    The subject of diet comes up a lot here and there is probably not a perfect diet to cure Arthritis or we'd all be on it. Everyone seems to have their own ideas.

    Myself I am Vegan and follow as far as possible a 'Mediterranean' diet. I avoid caffeine too, but honestly that's just me. I am believing very much that the gut microbiome might be relevant to inflammation per se so also trying to increase the diversity of what plants veggies fruit seeds nuts I eat each week. Less of my five a day more variety?

    I see Peter gave you some links

    This is another one I'd read if I was you.

    I hope you'll decide to hang around and keep posting.

    Take care


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    Hi @Aliball,

    OK - 2 good things about diet:

    1: Eating the right foodstuffs, combined with the exercise you're doing can help maintain a healthy weight

    2: Certain foods are particularly good for Arthritis sufferers. Omega 3 rich items like oily fish (Salmon/Mackerel/Trout) and eggs help with inflammation. Green leafy veg like Broccoli, Kale, Spinach etc also have the same benefits. Olives and Olive Oil contain a substance very similar to Ibuprofen.

    It's also good to know what to avoid - refined sugar, flour and fat-based products like butter are the ones which spring to mind.

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    I really appreciate you help I have been struggling and just got back on my feet so to speak. So heres to trying anything that will help

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    My partner has benefited by cutting out red meat, sugar as much as possible, and processed food, eating lots of fruit, veg and fibre, tablespoon of codliver oil daily and two tablespoons of Kefir with breakfast. Raw mixed nuts, little alcohol. Exercise as much as possible. It has helped her, and she has suffered RA for 30 odd years.

    I hope you get better and this helps.

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    Thank you so much I really appreciate your kindness and comments I will certainly try those.