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Good afternoon. I had a successful left TKR July 22. Surgeon and physio were pleased with recovery with good range of movement etc and was discharged after 12 weeks. My six month check showed all was still good. I have since been diagnosed with right hip arthritis and am now on nhs waiting list for surgery. I am quite concerned of the adverse effect to my TKR as it is ‘taking the load’ from the opposite hip and can be sore and a little painful at times after a busy day. Is this a normal reaction? Thank you.


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    Hi @SHAN55

    Thank you for joining and posting on our on-line community, we are so pleased to hear that your operation went well and that the surgeon and physio are pleased with your recovery that's fantastic.

    Sorry that you have now have it in your right hip which can sometimes happen and hope that you don't have to be on the waiting list too long. Try not to worry too much as long as you continue to follow what the physio has suggested and take care of your new joint and find that right balance between rest and exercise we are sure you will be fine. Off course if you have any concerns or worries please do get in touch with your doctor straight away.

    Hopefully one of our member will read this post and may have experienced the same situation and will be able to share their own experiences.

    Best wishes


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    Hi Chris. Thank you for your reply. It has put my mind at rest somewhat. Hopefully I won’t be waiting too long for my hip surgery. Thanks again.

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    Hi @SHAN55 I haven't had a TKR but did have a hip replacement in Sept 2021. Based on this experience I'd guess after a year your knee and muscles should now be all sufficiently recovered not to be cause for concern especially if you're doing all the recommended exercises and aren't over weight such that you're imposing unnecessary load on your joints.

    Aches and pains in one joint does encourage the adoption of some unnatural and imbalanced postures which lead to aches and pains elsewhere. I have to make a concerted effort to walk and stand upright to reduce lower back problems.