Loss of productivity

I know that arthritis is not life threatening but has any research been done into how much productivity is lost each year because of it?

Personally I was medically retired from the Metropolitan Police (Civil Staff) at the age of 47 so they lost at least 13 years of my work.

Anybody else?


  • Ellen
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    I have to agree with you @Supermand

    Have you read this? 10million people are affected:

    What a shame for the police force that they lost you, but even worse that you lost out on time at work and all be benefits working has on us.

    I'll be watching this thread


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  • RogerBill
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    Excellent point. It would be very interesting to see a cost-benefit analysis comparing the cost of people unable to work vs the benefits of investing more in the NHS to reduce the waiting time for hip and knee replacements, etc.

    Unfortunately the political system isn't geared toward looking at the longer term or the bigger picture so even if presented with compelling evidence of the benefits I doubt anything much would get done.

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