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Hi, I'm still awaiting official diagnoses from a rheumatologist but I'm 6months into a 12 month wait , that's what Medway hospital told me today

I have hips pains, Shoulder pains that feel bruised and my ring and pinky fingers on both hands are tender and I cannot squeeze or put much pressure on, ankle and heel , all these pains started 3 days after my Pfizer booster jab , I've recently found a community group on Facebook where at least 20 of the 1200 members have identical issues ,

My GP has been completely useless and says a seronegative rhuematiod factor isn't an issue ...

ESR and CRP results are slightly raised but a year on and symptoms are getting worse. And have had no medication , Il be happy to see how so you are managing your pains and what eases your symptoms


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    Hi @Jase welcome to the online community.

    I see from your post that you are in a long queue waiting to see a rheumatologist. Your have raised ESR and CRP, but if I understand correctly no positive Rheumatoid Factor in your blood.

    If you read this article (the section entitled diagnosis) then scroll to blood tests you'll see the actual statistics for those who test positive for Rheumatoid factor.

    In addition there are other forms of inflammatory Arthritis which also do not present with a positive Rheumatoid Factor. The good news is a Rheumatologist will know all this even if your GP does not.

    I also understand from your post that you feel there is a link between the start of your symptoms and your COVID vaccination.

    There have been many discussions here about people starting with Arthritis symptoms following their COVID vaccinations. I am attaching a link to a search I did for you on the subject:

    I am sure you'll find this forum very helpful and members very supportive.

    Now that you've introduced yourself please do look around and join in wherever you like. Living with Arthritis tends to be the most popular category after Say Hello.

    My best wishes


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    Hi @Jase

    Good to meet you.

    I hope your rheumatology appt comes through soon Horrible waiting isn't it?

    There are loads of us here with one form of inflammatory arthritis or another ( Psoriatic is one that springs to mind) who don't have the RF in our blood.

    You are so not the only person who has had this flare up after a vaccination. I see you already have a link to the old covid threads, but some of the people it was a different vaccine.

    Anyway nice to meet you if we can help at all with anything just ask; if we have tried something that works we'll share it. If not we'll still understand and care.

    Toni x

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    I was only diagnosed in January with inflammatory arthritis. However, I think I've had it since about the age of 16 (the earliest I can remember my fingers swelling up and joint pain), and I've had musculoskeletal my whole life and have always been fobbed off with "take 2 paracetamol 4 times a day by most of the GPs".

    I realise now that every time I had any kind of vaccine (flu, covid, pneumonia - I have other autoimmune diseases - one was diagnosed at the age of 17, so I have been called in for vaccines for years), I am likely to flare for a few days after. I know this happens, and I plan for it when I can (booking it on Friday, so I have the weekend to recover), taking Paracetamol when I get home, etc. I can't plan today's vaccine, as I have to get everything up to date before starting biologics, so I'm expecting a bad few days, fingers crossed I can keep it under control and continue working.