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Hello, I’m due to start methotrexate, but only had my first blood test done on Friday, 4th August. There was a long wait at GP. Am I supposed to wait for results before starting?

Also, since my hospital app, when the drug was prescribed (18.07.23), I have been suffering from dry mouth and eyes and pain around my right eye. I have had this sporadically for some time but it has been constant since my last appointment and dry mouth is getting worse lasting all day not just first thing in the morning as usual. I wonder if I should report this to the nurse before starting medication. I guess I’m concerned they may put it down to side effects rather than a symptom.

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  • Hi @ToniG

    Thank you for posting on our Online Community, we are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing some side effects.

    In the first instance we would suggest that you speak with your Rheumatologist or nurse to check that all your blood tests are all fine before starting on your medication first.

    Sometimes with an inflammatory condition one of the symptoms unfortunately is dry eyes so regular check-ups with your Optician and asking them if possibly eye drops will help in the future and again any concerns please speak to your rheumatologist as well.

    Hope everything goes well in the future

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    Hi , I wonder if the blood test at the Dr's is for them to have the first as a comparison? I have my blood test at my GP surgery as the hospital asked GP to monitor my blood. As for the dry mouth your GP can prescribe either a spray or tube of something to help. I have sjogrens, look it up as it has dry eyes and mouth as it's symptoms. ( sorry if you have this already and I have missed something) For dry eyes you can buy eye drops fairly cheaply with nothing in to hurt eyes from any chemist or HP or eye clinic will prescribe them. It's best to get eyes checked though asI once had a pain my eye that turned out to be glaucoma. Again drops for that too. Best luck.