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A friend messaged yesterday to say she'd found an old book called "You can heal your life" by an author called Louise L Hay - I'd luckily never heard of her.

The friend sent a photo where the author described various illnesses and the reasons you have the illness and what you can do about it. The friend added it might be worth a try.

Unbelievably the author said that people develop RA because they have a deep distrust of authority and feel very put upon.

The author said that by saying "I am my own authority. I love and approve of myself. Life is good" on a daily basis you can free yourself of the disease.

How ridiculous and dangerous. I wondered how you deal with stupid suggestions regarding your health?


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    As long as there are incurable diseases there will be unscrupulous people happy to make a good living out of peddling their snake oil treatments and theories.

    Usually, we don't actually meet them. If I do, my response depends on many things. I'd treat a not-very-bright-but-desperate-to-help person more gently than an out and out salesperson.. But still with a firm negative.

    I just hope your friend is a good one who wanted to share a laugh rather than suggest, subtly, that you have a problem with authority!

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    Oh dear me!

    How many of us have problems with authority?🤣

    I had no idea.

    Off to get 'cured'

    I have no idea what you can say to that friend other than to thank her politely, but gently point out firmly that you have an autoimmune condition. Then maybe supply her with some 'real' information. Pick her up a leaflet from Rheumatology next time you're there?

    Take care


  • Jane68
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    Thanks Stickywicket and Toni - it's nice to know you thought the same as me x

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    That is a book for the bin! If your friend thinks its helpful she needs a massive re education. If it was meant as a laugh - well its totally unfunny and she needs to be told so.

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    Hi Linda,

    Thank you - yes I must let her know.