Recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

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Hi all, have just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis at the age of 59 and am struggling through each day and sleeping!

Am hoping to get some tips/ advice on how people cope with it on a daily basis.

Am in the UK and am just waiting to see if private healthcare will help, if not, my GP has offered steroid injections.

Looking forward to being able to chat with folks in a similar situation.



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    Hello @Cazcan7  and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience.

    You mention that you have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis (OA). There is a lot you can do to help manage the symptoms. However, it can be an anxious time when you are newly diagnosed and you are keen to ensure you get the right help and treatment so you can continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

    If you would like to have more replies to your post, you are welcome to repost on our Living with Arthritis forum which is a supportive space where you can ask questions and share experiences with others facing similar challenges.

    As you say, private healthcare may be another option but there is treatment available on the NHS. It may help to talk things through further with your GP, review your pain medication and explore treatment options. It is good that your GP has offered you a steroid injection. I hope this will give you some temporary relief of pain but it is not a cure. The right kind of exercise, a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight will all help make a difference to how you feel.

    I hope the information given below will be of interest and some help. 

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I am sure that others will connect with you to share their support and experience as well.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi @Cazcan7 and welcome,

    If you feel so inclined, please do share a few more details so other members might be able to give you some info upfront, such as which joints are affected, how severe it is and whether you have been prescribed medication.

    Steroid injections can help but are a bit hit and miss, particularly if there isn't much cartilage to inject into. Some people get on really well with them and the benefits last for months, for others it may only be a matter of days.


  • Cazcan7
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    Hi Jon, thanks for your reply.

    It's in my knees at the moment. Prev had an arthroscopy on the left knee after breaking my patella in my 30's.

    Fell on my right knee about 6 years ago, but it seemed to heal, but now I have bony spurs.

    Have been prescribed Naproxin and then cocodamol, neither of which work now. Sleeping is awful.

    I work as a receptionist so have to climb up and down stairs a lot and am on my feet most of the day.

    Having to really think about trying to work through it or get an office job, but then sitting down too long hurts!!

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    I've had osteoarthritis in my knees for as long as I can remember. I broke my leg just below the knee about 15 years ago and the physio I saw then was all doom and gloom about the future of my knees - deterioration, pain, replacement. Yes, sometimes the pain is intense and it's difficult forcing myself to move, but I have continued doing as much exercise as I can - walking, tricycling, gardening, yoga - and so far have managed to stay on top of things. My last xrays showed deterioration and bony spurs, but as at present the pain is manageable, in discussion with my GP, we've decided to carry on as long as possible without further intervention. Just wanted to let you know that these intense periods of pain don't necessarily last forever and that by pacing yourself and not giving up, things can get a bit more manageable. Maybe you should have a word with your employer to see if any reasonable adjustments can be made to assist you in your work. Good luck.

  • @Cazcan7

    I've had osteoarthritis for 18 years. I've been round the mill with medications. I'm currently on (300mg Gabapentin 3 x daily) 30x500mg co-codamol and recently found out I am anaemic too so I'm on a 5mg tablet of folic acid. They say the more you walk the less pain your in but I have it in my knees and ankles and even if I walk 5,658 steps like I did the other day that caused me a 2 day flare up. I was not impressed with the pain (yours might be different) there is a Too Young For Versus Arthritis Group on WhatsApp if that is helpful for you. I don't think the co-codamol is working for me but I have been on it since early February 2023 I think. The rheumatologist says that if I lose some weight that will definitely help as I am open about being obese, I put more weight on when I was bullied at work November 2019 until I left July 2021. Then panoramic hit in between.

    I hope you find the support from here, I am usually around for a chat most days.

    Speak soon

    Blueberry Bee

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    Hi @Cazcan7,

    I'm 56 with bone on bone OA in both knees and on the list for a double total knee replacement but thanks to the excellent information on this site I'm leading an almost normal life.

    Whilst stairs can be a major challenge, going up and down them will help in strengthening the muscles around the knees which is a good thing but can be painful and there's always the constant fear of whether one of your knees might give way without warning.

    Have you tried a gel called FlexiSeq? It's about the most effective product I've found for reducing crunching, grinding and stiffness. It's sold behind the counter in most decent pharmacies and online and it works by stimulating the body's lubrication around the area it is applied to. I also wear elasticated knee supports which aid stability, particularly when I'm working out in the gym and doing physio. For sore tendons and muscles I use a deep tissue massaging gun and it helps release locks too.

    Hope some of these might prove to be helpful - loads to read up on here but all really helpful.

    All the best,


  • Cazcan7
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    Thanks Jon,

    Stairs are the biggest hurdle ( other than sleeping comfortably!) but I have to use them all the time in my job and I have a 2nd floor flat, so I have to do them with gritted teeth.

    I have just bought a trial size of Pure Extract Turmeric Oil, to massage into my knees, so have started using it today. I do have some Flexiseq but havent noticed a massive difference.

    Will report back on the massage oil!!

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    OK @Cazcan7 - my Acupuncturist uses that oil on my knees, quite a nice sensation. Looking forward to hearing back on the results!

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    Hi @Cazcan7

    i got diagnosed at 49 with severe oesteoarthritis in my right knee so can fully understand the pain your in .

    I had constant pain on daily basis it affected my life my job as was working as carer at the time .

    After having an Arthroscopy procedure done which diagnosed Arthritis was discharged advised to lose weight exercise take meds to control it.

    ended up limping badly was advised to change my job .my Arthritis deteriated got re referred back to orthopaedics .got put on waiting list for knee replacement but then covid we’re not doing elective surgery.

    in end had get my dr to refer me to private hospital under NHS had my first replacement in January 2021.

    six months later had to have left my left knee replaced due to oesteoarthritis .

    it’s tough recovery and it’s taken me a good year to get over those two big operations .

    before surgery was on co codamol and naproxen .

    tried steroid injection but they didn’t help me.

    My Arthritis kept me out of working for few years due to disability waiting on lists and recovery times.

    it’s had big impact on my life gone from working full time to being on benefits .

    the pain makes you feel isolated and alone and it does impact on your mental health .

    using heat packs can help unfortunately there’s no magic cure just trying manage symptoms best u can.

    your GP is first port of call to help you manage your condition .I’d advise pacing your activities and not doing too much .wishing you luck