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Hey all ive been living with ra since high school (im 26 now). Im diagnosed with AS; my left knee, left elbow, and half my fingers are super inflamed and wont reduce. My back is usually only stiff without stretching for too long, but my upper spine/neck is pretty much terrible all the time. Every day I just have to take stock of my sensitive joints and live that day accordingly. Im naturally super hyperactive though, and suppressing that instinct makes me feel hollowed out sometimes. So id love to hear from others about finding things to keep your mind occupied even when you have no choice but to sit around. I stretch constantly, flail around in the pool ("swim") often, eat normally, and have an appointment soon to visit a rheumatologist about getting back on a biological. Ive tried two brands that didn't work, and got really sick after an injection once, but have heard finding one that works is a game changer so im willing to keep trying. In the meantime, I enjoy reading fantasy and have started to learn to code. But between all that I do get bored which makes me just focus on my joints and mope, so again id really love to hear about things others get up to when their body wont allow something more physical. Would really really love to hear about stuff thats easy on the fingers, since mine are particularly lame. Cheers!


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    Ho @lukej and welcome to the online community,

    All our members have experience of living with arthritis and are very supportive and friendly so this is a great forum to find ideas to help you live your best life with arthritis. It sounds like you are already making the most of your days and as you say, you’re taking stock of your joints and living each day accordingly. I’m sure other members will come along to give you some more ideas.

    You mention that you swim and stretch and they are great ways to build up strength and stay flexible. Gentle exercise can also help with pain, so I’ve linked to some gentle exercises below that you might like to try. Perhaps you could find an online exercise group where you’d meet online? Or maybe join an online tai chi or yoga class?

    If you’d like to chat to other young people, there’s a forum you could have a look at here. Post any questions you may have or join in any conversations:

    Do let us know how you’re getting on,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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