Dealing with osteoarthritis flare ups

I have severe osteoarthritis in knees, feet and shoulders. I recently pushed myself too hard in helping after new grandchild's birth, constant stair climbing, walking other kids to Clubs, holding baby for hours, being on my feet for very long periods. I managed at the time, through lots of adrenaline I think, but now have a flare up particularly in legs and feet. I'm confused about how to manage this. I know I am supposed to keep moving but walking hurts a lot and I'm also advised to rest! I take 1xNaproxen in the morning and don't really want to increase. Pain relief isn't really touching this anyway. A Consultant once told me not to do 'Boom or Bust'. I know that lying around isn't helping but don't want to do more damage. Any tips on best self-help here?


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    @Minty if it might help, I had a shoulder flare up for months after trying out the rowing machine at the gym.

    The frustration seems to be that there is movement but its painful. I had to conclude there are some movements, possibly more un natural movements such as lifting arms out sideways, that are more painful and best avoided, and rested, otherwise they will simply keep the flare up going.

    Once I stopped the movements, unless I really had to do them, the flare up settled down like magic.

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    REST. I have found its the only answer after increased activity. Your grandchilds birth was the boom activity now you are bust!! Sometimes we are keen/ delighted to be involved in something special but afterwards need a period of time to recover.

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    I so agree.

    For my money, OA doesn't 'flare', it just responds. You've overdone it and set things off and sometimes that's definitely worth the payback but, unfortunately, rest and gentle range of movement exercises are, to me, the only way to go.

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    Famous last words. The shoulder ache has moved from resting my shoulders to straining my neck, although I am hoping the neck thing will settle down. That neck is become quite painful if I try lying back. Right where I don't want it to be.

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    My neck is twinging a lot now when I move around so I am planning to tense up a bit so the muscles support each other a bit more. I find when I do that, the weak spots are less likely to twinge. I don't want it flaring up. I'm off to consult my spirit guide for a few days. The Green Hulk.