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I have stopped playing tennis for 3 months as I was getting pain after every match and I was told it was my sciatic nerve causing the pain. But after an x-ray last week I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and still in shock as I consider myself young and fit (what a reality check)

So Im wondering is sport something I cannot play now


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    Hi @snoopy23 and welcome to the online community,

    It can be quite a shock when you receive a diagnosis as you have when you consider yourself young and fit. It can take a period of adjustment but as our members will confirm, life after diagnosis can be as good although maybe different than before.

    I understand you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Here’s some information about the condition, including the benefits of exercise, that you might find useful:

    You won’t have to give up sport - just find something that suits you. Here are some suggestions about what exercises you could consider - and continuing with your tennis could certainly be be one of them:

    All our members have experience of living with arthritis and associated conditions so do have a look round the forum and join in any conversations you feel comfortable with.

    Anna ( Moderator)

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    Hi @snoopy23 and a warm welcome.

    There is a lot of useful information on this website and Anna's provided a couple of links to articles which are really worth reading up on because the best thing you can do now as being newly diagnosed is to understand your condition and how to manage it.

    It is really important I think for you to continue with your sporting pursuits, not only because they're enjoyable and good for you but you may find there's an impact on your mental health if you don't keep them up.

    It may be a matter of making adjustments - in my case I was a keen runner and Badminton player but had to give up any high impact sport after my diagnosis. I took up Swimming, Hiking and Cycling and attend 4 Spin classes a week plus regular stints up the gym. Ironically I'm far more active than I was before my diagnosis and that's with 2 knees which need replacing!

    I think you may need to look at decent pain management (lots of info on here) to enable you to stay active but once you nail it, you may find you can lead an almost normal life with a few adjustments.

    All the best,


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    Hi Jonr

    Its really interesting that you swooped high impact for low impact sports.

    Iv upped my yoga since I stopped playing tennis and attend a body pump class twice a week.

    Can I ask if you take pain killers before and after exercise, and do you think any exercise has a detrimental effect on your joints?

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    Apologies my diagnosis is osteo arthritis hips and lower spine