Hi all I have been on sulphazaline for 20yrs and methotrexate for 14 weeks but at my recent check up was told methotrexate is not working as it should be, and my fingers are beginning to look like swan necks, consultant words not mine so want to add adalimumab so interested how others are getting on. Besides from rattling and worried about all the toxicity I am putting my body through one positivity that my skin is clear having lived with Psoriasis since I was 18 that's nice, unfortunately the arthritis side is kicking in great for old age. I am the 1st member of the family to have this disease 😔 just hope it's not going to get past on to my children or my grandchildren.

Wishing everyone who is suffering on the forum a better future and hopefully pain-free 😊


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    Hi @Jem26

    I'm on sulfasalazine, MTX and the adalimumab biosimilar Amgevita. Neither the sulfasalazine nor with the added MTX worked for me and so Amgevita was added. Within 3 weeks of starting it I could feel a difference and 2 months in I was able to hand back my crutches. I'm now able to walk 50-60kms a week albeit with a limp. I'm not cured by any means but I'm a lot better than I was. I did ask my rheumatologist to reduce my medication in February and she agreed to drop the sulfasalazine from 3gms to 2gms per day and I subsequently had a significant flare. So I'm back on 3gms. The rheumatologist said the 3 drugs work together to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects - what she termed 1+1+1>3. I think the medical term is synergistic.

    Like you my psoriasis has gone - I'd had it from 15. I've 4 siblings with psoriasis and my father had it really badly but I'm the only one who has contracted PsA.

    I know what you mean about putting so many drugs into your system however at my worst I was taking almost 100 painkillers a week - including morphine at one stage - and I now ccouldn't tell you the last time I took painkillers for my PsA.

    I hope the adalimumab works for you.

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    Jamie A Thank you so much for your reply and information 😊 very much appreciated I am so glad combination of drugs are working for you and I hope you remain pain-free and well. People don't realise what sufferers go through mentally and physically but have found this site so supportive.

    Wishing you all the best and thank you again for taking the time to reply😊