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have been looking at some of the “alternative” things available, am entirely new to this whole situation and don’t want to be taking hundreds of different pills and potions alongside what I’m already on.

Have come across and been recommended to take Indian frankincense, does anybody know any more about this, are currently taking it etc etc

many thanks in advance for all responses received.




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    Hi Martin,

    I think you're referring to "Boswellia" - information about it on the VA site here:

    I take it in capsule form as a natural anti-inflammatory, along with Bromelain which is derived from pineapple. Both do a good job of preventing inflammation and the heat, ichiness and stiffness which accompanies it.

    I've severe bone on bone OA in both knees which need a double TKR and these are 2 of many things I take or use to manage my condition and allow myself to lead an almost pain-free, active life.

  • Dexter
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    Thanks for the info, really appreciated, remain unsure what they do or how they improve RA ( which I am newly diagnosed with), most of the advice etc appears to be predominantly re OA.

    Hope you don’t have to wait to long for your TKR’s and when done they bring you some degree of relief and an improved quality of life.