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Hey guys ive been playing a variety of games but lately my fingers just cant keep up with the activity, particularly in games like lol or wow where youre constantly spamming keys. I love fantasy/strategy games and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for games that are engaging mentally but low apm? I prefer pvp cuz im competitive lol but pve is ok too. Cheers!


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    I know how you feel - I was trying to learn to play the guitar but had to give up as my fingers just won't go to where they should! Good luck.

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    Hi Luke,

    I've always been a big gamer so when I got inflammatory arthritis, I struggled with my hobby. I used to play LoL for 8 years and have a wild list of games on steam. I also used to stream a lot. If you have a tablet you can download steam link to stream games from your pc to your tablet which would be easier to use with touchscreen or there is a charity called special effect which can help with equipment.

    Games I like to play with my condition on my ipad whist stream linking to my desktop:

    • Legends of Runeterra (can download app, this can be pvp)
    • Crusader Kings 3 (multiplay option)
    • Civ 6 (turn based so really easy to manage and you can multiplay with friends)
    • Quest Hunter
    • This is the police (1&2)

    Slow games that are turn based or tycoon based are great because you're not putting too much pressure on yourself. I've also been playing Baldurs Gate which is good fun!

    Hope that helps

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    Hi @lukej I’ve asked around and I'd suggest you check out "Total War", it is a strategy game series that is low APM and can be paused anytime, the controls are relatively easy to handle, the game does have PvP options where you build an army on a budget then face off against opponents. But the AI is decent enough to offer a good challenge in the PvE modes as well, which is the main focus. If you enjoy fantasy then the newest game "Total War: Warhammer 3" might be worth a look.


    While not a fantasy game, World of Warships (wows) is another game that offers some very engaging tactical gameplay with a requirement for careful positioning and map movement as you pilot a historical naval ship against opponents in PvP. The controls are also very low intensity. If ships aren't your thing, then there is also World of Tanks, which is a game by the same creators focusing on tank battles using the same game style.


    If you have people you could play with, Sea of Thieves is a very fun pirate themed game with engaging gameplay around nautical navigation and ship to ship combat. Manning cannons and maintaining the ship are very important, and the game is very low intensity as you do not need to do any sort of prep to get going. You can just drop in and play, unlike the previous games mentioned that have a bit of a learning curve to them.


    If you enjoy LoL and want a similar game that is a bit more slower paced and has as much variety to offer, you could check out Dota 2, which is another moba style game that shouldn’t require as much APM as LoL, however the game is just as complex if not more so, so there's a learning curve there.

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    Hey, so its not highly competitive, but Persona 5 Royal has a great story, animation, and game play. I have OA in my knees but I always felt like this was an accessible game to those who have pain in their hands since you dont HAVE to use the mouse and its turned based, so there is no need to constantly click and clack on the keyboard or move the mouse at a moments notice. You can take the use of your hands at your own pace. I tend to think of this game like a much more intricate and interesting adult pokemon LOL. Hope this helps!