Pretty shoes for a formal wedding guest outfit

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a pair of comfy orthopaedic shoes to wear to a wedding later this month, the dress code is formal, and I have a Beautiful navy gown, but I can’t find any shores to wear with it and not be in pain. Day to day, I wear trainers, with a Birkenstock insole, and running shoes, with good arch support and these work. I’m the summer, Birkenstock sandles I can also tolerate (as long as Im not walking far). When I had to stop wearing heels about 3 years ago, my go to was a pair of pretty flats. But now even those are agony. I just want something pretty and comfy so I can enjoy the wedding (I also will need these for a formal work Christmas party). I searched so much, but anything orthopaedic is just not pretty and I’m at my wits end. I’m considering finding some pretty trainers with sparkles and popping my Birkenstock insole in, but there must be something out there, I’m just not looking in the right place right?


  • Cassienova
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    I have problems with my feet and have a pair of Calla shoes, they're pretty and designed to make me more comfortable but they are a bit pricey. If not I'd recommend adding extra soles or added material to current shoes to help 😊

    Hope you have a lovely time

  • Jewels1973
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    Hiya don’t know if this will help I have lymphodema as well as other things if you type in cosyfeet they do have some great shoes and boots there and if you qualify they take the VAT off them. My feet are wide so I have to wear boots from there and I know they do shoes that are pretty but can help you as well. One word of warning they are a bit more money but they last for ages. Hope this helps. Julie x