When did you start using mobility aids

I am 42 with severe osteoarthritis in my ankles and knees. I try to keep active but there are days when I need to be out but I am in too much pain. What support do you use when going out and how or where did you get hold of it.

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    My mum had some Nordic walking sticks I think if you type that anywhere into Google it will come up I use one Nordic walking stick when I go out I think they probably have some on the site I’m not sure I can mention it begins with an A and everyone uses it. I find it helps my stability and just general getting in and out of a car I can’t get out much at the moment because of my pain but I think you might find a good deal on there. Just from my experience. If you are a Prime member they should come the next day. Hope that helps a bit. Love Julie x

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    @Jewels1973 That is brilliant thank you very much.

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    @Olicanian No problem at all x

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    I didn't start until I got the rollator as my hands can't hold a stick.

    This is what NHS says about walking aids. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-care-and-support-guide/care-services-equipment-and-care-homes/walking-aids-wheelchairs-and-mobility-scooters/

    If you go for a stick (and most start with a stick) it's important to have it the right size ie waist level and to hold it in the opposite hand to the offending leg. You bring the stick forward with the bad leg.

    Some prefer elbow crutches for more stqbility. I love my rollator but, although it's a lightweight one, I'd be unable to lift it up or down the steps to the garden.

    Personally, I think it's best to get professional advice for a first time buy but many disability stores are good if you have one near you. Online is fine once you know just what you need but best to get it right.

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