Are these safe and any use please?

I saw an advert for CBD Sweet Relief gummies. Does anyone know anything about them please? It says they offe relief for arthritis. thank you


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    Hi @lindamay,

    CBD (or Cannabidiol to give it it's scientific name) is derived from the Hemp plant, a cousin of Cannabis but has no mind-altering effects. It has been reported to have anti-inflammatory effects, hence it's use by Arthritis sufferers. It can also help aid sleep.

    CBD can be ingested as gummies, a spray or a tablet and it's also available in cream or gel form to apply directly to affected joints.

    There are a lot of brands to choose from if you're thinking of giving it a go, I prefer the capsules over the gummies and oil as they have no taste and I buy a brand called Hempura online which are a good strength and well-priced. I also like a cream made by 5KIND which I rub on my knees, it takes the edge off muscle and tendon pain.

    Like all these supplements, efficacy varies from brand to brand but do check with your GP or Pharmacist if you're taking any prescribed meds and other supplements before you dip your toe in.


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    Thank you for your posting on the online community. We do not have any information on CBD sweet relief gummies. We do have some information on CBD and research into cannabinoids which suggests that they can be effective in treating certain types of chronic pain such as pain from nerve injury, but there is currently not enough evidence to support using cannabinoids in reducing musculoskeletal pain. There is more information about this on this in the link below and I hope it is helpful.

    If you are considering using CBD to manage the pain of your arthritis, it’s important to remember it cannot replace your current medicines, and it may interact with them, so please do not stop/start taking anything without speaking to a healthcare professional.

    Complementary treatments and arthritis - from turmeric to cannabis oil

    Managing your symptoms | Tips, advice and self help

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    This site is so helpful and always there to answer my questions. Thank you so much