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Hi Carol

Re your message about your surgery coming up. I know how you feel. If its any comfort I have had two hip replacements. The first one in February 2022 and the second in july 2022. I couldnt do too much after the first because the other hip restricted me but after the second hip replacement things got better and easier. I was given the same post advice from the hospital as you. I would stick to that. The hospital should give you a toilet seat to put on your toilet to make it higher. This is very important. I then purchased my own which I still use now. It is also important to listen to your body and have rest, let your wound heal let the muscles and nerves settle and heal. Walking up and down the stairs is important to go to bed or the toilet. Light exercise as per the hospital instructions is important but don't overdo it. A little bit of walking. Listen to your body if it hurts stop. Wait rest let it heal. Gentile exercise. I also purchased a rising armchair to sit in also very important if not some pillows to put on the sofa to keep not sitting below the 90 degrees. With regards to feeding your cat I tend to put my cats bowl on the stairs. Do ascto not bend to far down for a while. You will be able to bend low at some point in the future. Your body will allow that. Let your body heal, you will need someone to help with somethings for a while.

Listen to your body let the wound heal. Once the wound has healed and the dressing is no longer needed, once the nurse at your surgery has confirmed that, you should be able to put you leg in the bath without going past the 90 degrees and move on from sink washes. A few months after my second operation I was able to do gentle leg exercise as advised then I a while after that I did and still do treadmill walking and my own type of dancing in my kitchen which I do about 4 or five times a week for 5 minutes then 10 minutes then 15 minutes. The a total of 30 to 40 minutes. A year after the first operation and 9 months after the second I am able to walk the dog for short 30 minute walks. Plus taking her to the field so she can have a good run about. The pain I was in has gone with regards to my hips. It is such a relief and you will feel like a new person when your wound has Healed and you can slowly but surely recover day by day.

When you first come out of hospital rest heal gentle exercise. You will recover and you will feel amazing. Will power and determination helps also.

All the best you will be fine. Worrying is natural. You will be fine Follow the post op instructions rest gentle exercise to start with listen to you body only do what you think is right for your own individual healing process.

Best wishes



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    Hi @Doodle thanks for sharing your experience - very valuable for those about to go through it. Which Carol were you referring to? If you let me know I can make sure that she sees this.

    Thanks again


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