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Good afternoon

I have researched women’s slippers for those who experience pain in their feet due to arthritis. The outcome is that I am none the wiser and hope my fellow sufferers will be able to recommend slippers. Thank you for reading my post.


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    Hi @Fixer there is some info on footwear in the following though no recommendations but general guidance

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    Hello Fixer, Several years ago I discovered the only footwear that I look forward to putting on! 'Totes Isotoner Textured Popcorn Turnover Mule Slippers' are beautifully cushioning, yet really supportive (I have very high insteps). They are very stable to wear: on stairs and on uneven surfaces etc . They are machine washable on a gentle programme. I am always worried that these slippers might be discontinued, so have bought a couple more pairs to last me for very many more years! I hope that this is helpful for you.

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    I find CROCS wonderful and helped me !?


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    I've always understood slippers to be a nono with arthritis as they don't support the feet enough and so lead to more joint problems. I've managed without them for most of my long, arthritic life!

    If you must then the ones suggested by @Naomi33 sound reasonable (apart from the lack of a heel section) or maybe Cosyfeet. Try your local disability store. They sometimes stok a few such things.

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